Saturday, November 20, 2010

Expressive Typography

Assignment:The task is to express the meaning of a word through letter forms. Experiments with typesetting parameters can be tried out: Changes in Orientation, Size, Position, Style, Weight, Width, Space, Grey values etc. Attempt is to experiment with syntactic devices rather than expressing through font based features.
Only Univers font is used. The class could use any weight and width of the font.The constraint was not to use any colours but the grey values could be freely explored.

Ankita R.

Anukriti V.

Deepali K.

Gauravi C.

Chandrakesh B.L.

Jaya E.

Konark A.

Parul B.

Regan R.

Ritika S.

Roma S.

Shravan M.

Xaxa Aman R.

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