Friday, February 8, 2013

Text Compositions with restricted font parameters

This assignment is aimed at learning to create a typographic composition based on the content. The importance of content over form is a very important factor in learning typography. After learning all the finer aspects of typesetting like letterspace, word space, allignments, para space, indents, hyphen, widow, orphan, river, bubble etc, the students are given a simple set of data for text composition. The hirearchy and order of information is studied before starting the typographic explorations. Only Univers font is used in all the compositions and later, the point size is also restricted. The interesting observation in this assignment is that the restrictions actually helped the students to concentrate on the content and create compositions that do justice to the content rather than work only towards beauty of a composition.

by Kailash Gharat

by Divya Bharadwaj

by Ashok Maharaj

by Shweta Kamble

by Srinivas Godala

by Chinmay Bhave

by Tarun Arya

by Vishnupriya Kaulgud

Expressive Typography

The task is to express the meaning of a word through letter forms. Experiments with typesetting parameters can be tried out: Changes in Orientation, Size, Position, Style, Weight, Width, Space, Grey values etc. Attempt is to experiment with syntactic devices rather than expressing through font based features.   
'Escalator' by Divya Bharadwaj
'Reconstruction' by Reshal Shah

'Communication' by Vishnupriya Kaulgud

'Explosion' by Srinivas Godala

'Calculate' by Tarun Arya

'Stock Exchange' by Kailash Gharat

'Alcohol' by Sunny Kolekar

'Celebration' by Shweta Kamble